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Writing Shakespeare with an RNN

Published May 29, 2020 by Alex C-G

I’ve just been noodling around with some RNN (recurrent neural network) tutorials for NLP to create scripts for plays or TV shows, both for my own interest and a project idea I have in mind. After 100 epochs or so, I can feed it the text of Romeo and Juliet and it’s returning something that sounds Shakespearean. I mean, it’s gibberish, but at least it’s Shakespearean gibberish:

Link to Notebook - it’s the second section, called RNN Play Generator

From the starting phrase Romeo:

Romeo! a very vial than himself, there is my hand To be the other for our daysage for a whore! make a shame? Death, clock their woes command, and not true parts Like free ppaid your treasures young and loving friends, And there did stand again of bastards, And I am the lurking sea or seest? stand not a duke! come on, And bite me die with her to tears, Than to dress’d unto the officers all I Provided to die philosophy: Therefore ept news, and all of you there.

ESCALUS: Why, then it seems ‘This mercy with the face thereof course he has betidently By lack of stooping,–

SEBASTIAN: Look he’s winding up the watch of his wit; by a man’s wife a fear.

Third Citizen: The price of the earth Commit thee with his death of his horse. Why they shall wallow easy news!

GRUMIO: Excery, you know; you must not love some seats as good condemnster, e are: Stay but a little, I will come away; and to itself a maid and blown To this shall find A curbsh in the mardle: all these Wherein my soul is and use it too, and he shall stay?

First Murderer: And that his majesty To hear the place of state, where now it falls, Not what said Servingman: Beseech you, sir, be misathere, For our costerpoises; ha, had you not crossed me, that one saill they make his oath.

First Servingman: But, more of that I have done.

POLIXENES: Pray, Master Bonagseent, and prt the days; Rome of the while!

PETRUCHIO: I say so; he hath the windows of mine humour, Than man Apon of Hereford that at all, I have sent for to an interest, And where thou art out to each require of his clothes; and envilake you, that you have worn this

I’m going to try some Star Trek next…


Thanks to Wikicommons for the image


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