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Avenging Trek Wars

Published Jun 3, 2020 by Alex C-G



Script buddy has now absorbed most of Star Trek TNG, DS9, and the movies! It’s also done it’s first crossover, which I certainly wasn’t expecting. Love that it’s got the Borg, Romulans, AND Thor. Stoik sounds like kind of a Vulcan name and it’s hilarious he goes for a lightsaber rather than a nerve pinch.

Starting text: “Picard to Riker.”

STARK Commander, I beg you, don’t fire at a moving target.

BORG If you insist, Stark. We have an emergency, and if we’re not careful we could find ourselves hunted by the Romulans in a matter of days…

Stoick looks at Stark, confused, then back at the bridge.

STARK I’m the one who said we could do it, Troi. Stoick just nods.

STARK We are doing it, you are.

Stoick smiles, pulls out his lightsaber. He raises it to his eye as Borsk.

They move through the ship. It pulls up beside the transport tower.

Thor crosses to the side of the walkway, sees the approaching transport.

THOR There’s a transport, there’s a Romulan transport, there’s the bridge… they’re coming…

The bridge is just visible from across the bridge.


It’s not really continued. It just decided that was a good place to put the string CONTINUED and end the script.


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