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I’m Alex C-G - I’m the Developer Relations Lead at Jina AI. This is my personal README - it’s here to give you a quick overview of who I am and how best to get my attention.

Most of the projects in my GitHub account are written in Python, though I also muck around with Arduino and have the usual smattering of shell scripts, Markdown and whatnot.

I like to think of myself as not that hardcore and kinda approachable. But then I remember I live in vim full-time, taught an AI to write crappy Star Trek, and am building robotic butterflies for fun. Eh, so maybe I’m a little hardcore.

This README is an imperfect work in progress. I guess that’s true of myself too, just like (I would hope) most of humanity.

About me

Warning: swears ahead.




Unpopular Opinions

Gee, wonder why I saved this section for last?


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