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Build a Jina neural search with Streamlit

Published Apr 25, 2021 by Alex C-G

New Posts on Medium

Published Jul 31, 2020 by Alex C-G

Just a quick heads-up that the best place to view recent posts is on Medium. Some recent ones: GPT-3 is the future. But what can...

Open Source Explained with 1980's Cartoons

Published Jun 29, 2020 by Alex C-G

Note: This turned into a post on Hackernoon. I suggest you read that instead of my half-formed thoughts below! Introduction So, I’ve got an idea...

Almost a Slashfic: Kirk and Spock drinking beer

Published Jun 4, 2020 by Alex C-G

Script_buddy has done it again. Kirk and Spock drinking beer and having awkward conversations about airports. You can cut the sexual tension with a knife....

Deep Learning with Star Trek: Part 1

Published Jun 3, 2020 by Alex C-G

I’ve been thinking lately, that sooner or later it’ll be possible to create TV episodes with deep learning. Just look at the tech we already...

Avenging Trek Wars

Published Jun 3, 2020 by Alex C-G

Script buddy has now absorbed most of Star Trek TNG, DS9, and the movies! It’s also done it’s first crossover, which I certainly wasn’t expecting....

Writing Shakespeare with an RNN

Published May 29, 2020 by Alex C-G

I’ve just been noodling around with some RNN (recurrent neural network) tutorials for NLP to create scripts for plays or TV shows, both for my...

Stuff I Use: May 2020 Edition

Published May 27, 2020 by Alex C-G

I’m always on the lookout for tools to make my life easier, especially if I can do that in a vim-like manner on the command...

Hofstadter's Law

Published May 26, 2020 by Alex C-G

Hofstadter’s Law is just one of life’s laws that (along with Murphy’s Law) I always bear in mind both in programming and in the rest...

Links of the Day

Published May 25, 2020 by Alex C-G

Links MiniConf is a virtual conference in a box. It manages the papers, schedules, and speakers for an academic conference run virtually. It can be...

New Project - Better Job Search

Published May 24, 2020 by Alex C-G

A quick and dirty project I’ve just pushed to Github: Better Job Search. It’s a Python script that scrapes one of the more popular job...

40 Years on, PAC-MAN Recreated with AI by NVIDIA Researchers

Published May 23, 2020 by Alex C-G

Just had to share this really cool use of GANs to create new game levels with no underlying knowledge of a game engine Now instead...

Links of the Day

Published May 22, 2020 by Alex C-G

Why the entire open source movement is under threat right now: With no conferences, the pandemic is doing a number on fundraising for FOSS projects...

Links of the Day

Published May 21, 2020 by Alex C-G

Jukebox of weirdness: Neural net to generate songs and sing the lyrics in the style of different musicians. The Paradox of Source Code Secrecy: Quote:...

Why Open Source?

Published May 20, 2020 by Alex C-G

So, I’ve got an idea in my head (well, where else would it be?) about comparing open source to magic. That still needs a while...

Around the World in 26 Cuisines

Published Apr 26, 2020 by Alex C-G

Over the course of the lockdown, I’ve been working, coding, sleeping, and binging Legends of Tomorrow. I’ve also been doing a lot of cooking, especially...

Using sudo with user dotfiles and aliases

Published Feb 18, 2020 by Alex C-G

The Problem I’m a terminal junkie, and a heavy user of Neovim. This leads to a couple of issues when I’m using sudo: I’ve got...

Tweets - Feb 03-Feb 06

Published Feb 6, 2020 by Alex C-G

Loving @theebillyporter’s jacket on his wonderful state of the union address. Anyone know where to get one?… Follow alexcg on Twitter     Created with...

More Aliases

Published Jan 29, 2020 by Alex C-G

Here are a few more of my shell aliases for anyone who’s interested. This is a follow-up to my shell clipboard aliases post. Listing Files...

Shell Clipboard Aliases

Published Jan 27, 2020 by Alex C-G

I’ve just uploaded a few shell aliases to github to make it easier to work with X terminals and the clipboard. Enjoy!

Get Started with Ethereum Development with Cryptozombies

Published Dec 22, 2019 (Updated Dec 22, 2019) by Alex C-G

Want to learn how to code smart contracts and Dapps with Ethereum? Try out Cryptozombies. It’s by far one of the best tutorials I’ve found...

Lose Developers and Alienate Everyone: How Not to Write Docs

Published Dec 13, 2019 by Alex C-G

You know, there are so many projects out there with great documentation. To make your docs stand out, why not make them crappy instead? Just...

Automatic Cover Letter Generator

Published Dec 11, 2019 by Alex C-G

Applying for jobs? I just whipped up a quick and dirty Bash script for generating cover letters. Enjoy!

Bent Out of Shape - All the Ways (so far) I've Screwed Up with Nitinol

Published Mar 13, 2019 by Alex C-G

I recently got my hands on some nitinol wire for a project I’m working on. Here are my misadventures in trying to work with the...

Some MediaWiki Tools

Published Sep 4, 2018 by Alex C-G

MediaWiki_Unembed - Takes a MediaWiki file with other wiki pages embedded inside (via the {{:Embed}} tag) and unembeds them, resulting in a MediaWiki file with...

Links of the Day

Published Apr 29, 2018 by Alex C-G

The First Computers in East Africa –and what became of them HyperTools: A python toolbox for gaining geometric insights into high-dimensional data Why Hitler isn’t...

Links of the Day

Published Apr 27, 2018 by Alex C-G

China is installing a bewildering, and potentially troublesome, amount of solar capacity Magnasanti: The Largest and Most Terrifying SimCity Collection of Jewish jokes shouldn’t shy...

Links of the Day

Published Apr 26, 2018 by Alex C-G

Maker’s Schedule, Manager’s Schedule Some Startups Use Fake Data to Train AI Be sure to read the alt text: Meteorologist comic from XKCD Ugh. Tell...

Focusing On The It In Diversity

Published Apr 26, 2018 by Alex C-G

How many times have you crap like this? "I wouldn't trust a woman to code. Women in the tech industry are just a distraction to...

Links of the Day

Published Apr 25, 2018 by Alex C-G

How Manufacturing Could Benefit From AI Facial Recognition Deep Learning Software is Surprisingly Good at Identifying Galaxies Too MIT researchers turn water into ‘calm’ computer...

On Learning Machine Learning

Published Apr 24, 2018 by Alex C-G

Machine learning has a lot of buzz these days, and with good reason. But getting into it isn’t a simple task. Here’s what I’ve discovered...

Links of the Day

Published Apr 18, 2018 by Alex C-G

This PSA About Fake News From Barack Obama Is Not What It Appears – there’s some swearing in this one, just so you all know!...

Tools for Studying Computer Science

Published Apr 18, 2018 by Alex C-G

I’ve recently been putting a lot of hours into levelling up my computer science and coding, mostly covering Python, Tensorflow, machine learning, and a few...

Links of the Day

Published Apr 17, 2018 by Alex C-G

The quiet history of Chinese microcomputers An Engineer’s Bill of Rights (and Responsibilities) The most popular courses on GitHub TensorFlow in your Browser It’s time...

Stuff I’ve Been Learning and Doing Recently

Published Apr 12, 2018 by Alex C-G

Object-Oriented Python I’ve been programming for quite a long time, but always in an ad-hoc, pick-it-up-as-I-go fashion to fix a specific problem I was having....

Links of the Day

Published Apr 11, 2018 by Alex C-G

Your Pretty Face is Going to Sell Margaret Hamilton Takes Software Engineering To the Moon and Beyond Machine learning is a tool – and people...

Links of the Day

Published Apr 10, 2018 by Alex C-G

The evolutionary advantage of having eyebrows What makes a tree a tree? Dead medium: Eighteenth Century English mail hacks The Relativity of Wrong By Isaac...

Links of the Day

Published Apr 8, 2018 by Alex C-G

The French King Who Believed He Was Made of Glass Excited by the latest news platform? Build three — yes, three—prototypes to test it first Falsehoods programmers...

Links of the Day

Published Apr 7, 2018 by Alex C-G

Ask HN: How to self-learn electronics Can You 3D Print an Axe? State Your Intentions More Clearly With State Machines Satire: Meet the People of...

Links of the Day

Published Apr 6, 2018 by Alex C-G

Our Students Can Make Data, AI, & Blockchain Projects Work in Real Life – and So Can You Berkeley offers its fastest-growing course – data...

Throwback Thursday: A Story About ‘Magic’

Published Apr 5, 2018 by Alex C-G

Though our field of computer science is still relatively young, it has lots of wonderful (and sometimes naughty) stories in its short history. This one...

Links of the Day

Published Apr 5, 2018 by Alex C-G

How McDonald’s Is Getting Ready For The 4th Industrial Revolution Using AI, Big Data And Robotics Making the Touch Bar finally useful By abandoning crappy...

Build an Awesome TensorFlow Image Classifier in 10 Minutes!

Published Apr 4, 2018 by Alex C-G

More info on Nikhil’s website

Links of the Day

Published Apr 4, 2018 by Alex C-G

Are We Short of Deep Learning Experts? Artificial intelligence helps to predict likelihood of life on other worlds The technologies that would make the web...

Install Software Quickly via the Command Line

Published Apr 3, 2018 by Alex C-G

Though you may not believe it from my stunningly youthful good looks, I grew up in the halcyon days of MS-DOS 5.0. One of my...


Published Apr 2, 2018 by Alex C-G

With all the questions about ethics and technology lately, especially Facebook data collection and Cambridge Analytica, it seems a good time to introduce the concept...


Published Apr 2, 2018 by Alex C-G

Remix is our open-source online education platform to teach students real-world tools and skills. We combine industry-standard tools into a cohesive whole, with single sign-on...

Links Roundup

Published Apr 2, 2018 by Alex C-G

One of the reasons I was invited to be part of the Remix team is because I’m a geek and a maker, as I’m sure...

Hello Mumbai!

Published Jan 8, 2018 by Alex C-G

I’m super excited to be heading to Maker Mela in Mumbai in a few days. My first time in India and I’m looking forward to...


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