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#jina #python #neural_search

I'm the Dev Rel Lead at Jina.

Jina is geared towards building search systems for any kind of data, including text, images, audio, video and many more. With the modular design & multi-layer abstraction, you can leverage the efficient patterns to build the system by parts, or chaining them into a Flow for an end-to-end experience.

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#hardware #creative #design #electronics #jewelry #fashion

Electronic (yet classy) jewelry designs for life-size(ish) butterflies that sit on your clothes and move realistically

  • Still a work in progress. Things have been slow with hackerspaces closed and shipments disrupted due to pandemic
  • No, they don't fly. Who wants jewelry that instantly flies away and gets lost?
  • Coded in Arduino, running on ATtiny chip for now
  • Designed in Fusion360/OpenSCAD
#godel_escher_bach #learning #books

Readme and Python scripts for reading Gödel Escher Bach


#mediawiki #python

Unembed embedded pages and convert your wiki to a book

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#bash #job-hunting #markdown

Quick and dirty bash script to generate pre-populated cover letters from the command line


#nlp #transformers #streamlit #python

AI-powered text generation for mere mortals.

An app that runs in your web browser and uses a nice GUI interface to generate text from pre-trained machine learning models like GPT-2. It doesn't support training models at the moment.


Django project to help hospitals crowdsource PPE from maker community


Testing and deploying open-source infrastructure for village improvement in China


#open-source #aerospace #nasa

open source space program, partnered with DARPA, NASA, (Obama-era) White House

(working on getting website archive up again)

 NASA Press Release


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